What are the benefits of home renovation?

Change is the only constant, no matter if it’s your job, your clothes, or your home, we keep changing or updating things from time to time. Renovating your home is a big step but it’s surely worth it. Any change with proper planning and reliable executors is beneficial only.  Home renovation is undoubtedly the best… Read More

Best Kitchen Flooring Options for Renovation

Kitchen flooring is a key decision to make while remodeling your kitchen or house. The selection of kitchen flooring can make or break the look and functionality of your kitchen. Worrying about scratches to its durability to maintenance, it is very difficult to make the correct choice regarding flooring of the most important part of… Read More

Renovation vs. Remodel: Discover the Transformative Distinctions in Home Improvement

When it comes to improving your home, the terms “renovation” and “remodel” are often used interchangeably. However, it represents two different ways to enhance your living space. Understanding the difference between the two can help you make informed decisions about your homework and ensure you get what you want. Renovation: Refreshing and Restoring Renovation: A… Read More

Latest Trends in Kitchen Remodeling for 2023

The kitchen is the core of any home, so it’s no shock that homeowners are always looking for ways to upgrade this fundamental space. Whether you’re a cooking connoisseur, a busy parent, or somebody who just cherishes bringing together with family and friends, bringing your kitchen up-to-date with the most recent patterns can improve both… Read More

Bathroom Design Ideas You Will Want to Try

Your bathroom serves a greater purpose than mere functio­nality; it is a haven of tranq­uility and rejuve­nation. With thoug­htful design, your daily routine can become a delight, and your bathroom can offer solace after a tiring day. Whether you’re considering a complete overhaul or seeking to revit­alize the space, we have compiled 20 inspir­ational ideas… Read More

What type of tax credit can I get for my home renovation in BC?

In order to help seniors and those with disabilities stay in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible, BC has a number of programs available. These programs are meant to help with the cost of permanent home renovations aimed at improving accessibility, functionality and mobility. This includes home adaptations like raised… Read More

A hard choice: do we invest in a senior friendly home upgrade, or should I seek other alternatives?

Our aging population is growing and eventually the time will come when most of us have to ask the question: Do I invest in a senior friendly home upgrade, or should I seek other alternatives? We could be asking in regard to ourselves, our parents, grandparents or other family members. The reasons for choosing other… Read More

How can I make my kitchen more senior-friendly?

As people age they experience a decreased range of motion. It might be the result of stiffening joints, injuries, the onset or worsening of degenerative diseases, or a loss of strength. Whatever the cause, the best way to maintain an independent and comfortable lifestyle is by making adaptations that increase the ability to access what… Read More

Popular bathroom upgrades for seniors

According to a 2014 report from the Public Health Agency of Canada, injuries from falls are a leading cause of hospitalization for seniors, often resulting in a decreased quality of life or death. 20-30% of Canadian seniors are injured this way, with half of all falls occurring in the home. Falling hazards in the home… Read More