As people age they experience a decreased range of motion. It might be the result of stiffening joints, injuries, the onset or worsening of degenerative diseases, or a loss of strength. Whatever the cause, the best way to maintain an independent and comfortable lifestyle is by making adaptations that increase the ability to access what we need. 

This is especially true in areas like the kitchen. Kitchens, particularly those in older homes, benefit the most from a kitchen remodelling. Older base cabinets lack drawers and just have cupboards, limiting accessibility and storage space. The solution is to install Handi Glides in existing cabinetry. These easy-to-use drawers allow plenty of room to organize useful items and create lots of easy-access storage space. The same adaptation can be made with the pantry too.

Other kitchen renovations include:

  • Replacing knobs with cabinet door pulls, which are easier to grip.
  • Slip-resistant flooring is essential for safety and preventing falls. 
  • Directional LED lighting over cooking elements and in darker areas of the kitchen are a great help for those with diminished or impaired vision. 
  • Even replacing old facets with a gooseneck, single-handle faucet and pull-out sprayer is helpful and makes life easier.

The goal of customizing a senior-friendly kitchen is to remove barriers to accessibility. By making appropriate adaptations, seniors and those with disabilities enjoy greater comfort and longer independent living in their own beloved homes.