9 Benefits and Importance of the Disability Tax Credit

Unlock financial assistance with the Disability Tax Credit (DTC). Empower yourself or a loved one with disabilities.

Gain access to substantial tax savings and refunds. Ease the financial burden of living with a disability.

Understanding the criteria for qualifying for the DTC. Learn how to navigate the application process.

Discover the potential for retroactive claims. Maximize your benefits by claiming missed years.

Access additional support through the RDSP. Plan for the future with tax-deferred savings.

Receive additional financial help for families. Support your child's needs with extra assistance.

Offset medical expenses with tax credits. Reduce your tax burden with eligible deductions.

Explore additional benefits available in your region. Tap into resources beyond the federal level.

Improve quality of life with financial stability. Access resources to support independence and well-being.

Connect with Stay Able for accessible home modifications. Create an inclusive environment tailored to your needs.