BC RAHA's program : Guide to Enhancing Lives

Discover how the BC Rebate for Accessible Home Adaptations (BC RAHA) is making homes more accessible and improving lives.

Accessibility is more than simply ramps; it is about empowering people with mobility issues to live more freely.

The BC RAHA offers incentives to homeowners to assist them in making their houses more accessible for family members with special needs.

Learn about the eligibility requirements, such as income thresholds and permission from a healthcare expert.

To promote safety and convenience, BC RAHA supports numerous adaptations such as wheelchair ramps, grab bars, and stair lifts.

Learn about the application procedure in detail, including the needed documents and professional exams.

Explore the wonderful success stories of people and families whose lives have been enhanced as a result of BC RAHA.

BC RAHA extends beyond individual houses to help establish a more inclusive society for all.

Join the BC RAHA program to create a more accessible home and enhance the quality of life for your loved ones.